3D Scanning

About 3D Scanning:

Things it is good for: Capturing unique surface data such as faces, mouldings, natural materials. 

Things it is bad for: Replicating manufactured parts that need to fit into other parts accurately. Scanning shiny or see through objects. Moving objects.

3D scanning rarely produces fast, print-ready files, you may need to understand considerable cleanup on the geometry generated.

We provide:

  • Walk-in (appt only) object 3D scanning service priced on a job by job basis. 
  • Face scanning, Data only: £20
  • Face scanning, Data + 1 hour FDM Print: £30

Please note that surfaces to be scanned using our Fuel3D scanner need to be 300mm across or under. 

Objects to be scanned via our Matter & Form scanner need to be 180mm wide by 250mm tall, or under.