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Zmorph 2.0 S Personal Fabricator / Bare Body + All Toolheads


Zmorph 2.0 S Personal Fabricator / Bare Body + All Toolheads

This is the top of the range model with a set of the most popular accessories 


• ZMorph 2.0 S personal fabricator – BODY (next generation of version 2.0 with many improvements on board!)
• heated work platform 235x250mm (glass+silicone heater)
• non-heated work platform 235x250mm (glass only) for printing with paste
• translucent cover (front+back)
• DUAL head extruder, for 1.75 filament
• classic single-head 1.75mm extruder
• classic single-head 3.00mm extruder
• touch probe module, for easy and precise work space calibration
• ceramics and paste extruder (with piston pump), for printing with more dense paste material (ceramics, cake, chocolate)
• chocolate extruder (with Moineau pump), for more liquid materials, like chocolate, honey, marmelade
• dremel mount, for 3d and 2d milling in soft materials
• Dremel 3000 model 
• plywood work platform for cnc milling
• laser module (2W), for cutting and engraving paper, acrylics, cardboard and other
• photo camera trigger, for time lapse photography (static)
• photo camera rail, for time lapse photography (moving)
• transport handle, for easy transportation
• filament spool holder
• 2 exchangeable nozzles (choose from 4 available in shop)
0.3mm for 1.75mm plastic extruder / 0.3mm for 3.00mm plastic extruder
0.4mm for 1.75mm plastic extruder / 0.4mm for 3.00mm plastic extruder