What to make: Google Glass Stand

July 09, 2015 Cris Rose

If there's one gadget out there with the fewest accessories, it's Google Glass. Not only has the original Explorer version ceased being sold, but at £1000 per headset, there aren't going to be that many out there at all.

That's where 3D printing comes in. When there's little sense in a large company mass producing add ons for such a niche product, designing and printing your own and sharing it online, is ideal.

While intended to be worn all day long, you have to take the Glass off sometime - say, while sleeping, taking a shower, or erm.. well I'd wear it the rest of the time, if I had one. 

Enter the Google Glass Stand by Rog0978, something we printed for a customer who needed one for their company's development model. We printed it out of Faberdashery's Crystal Clear, with a support structure for the overhanging arm.

While we normally try and print without supports, this is a great example of when that's just not possible, and just how nicely supports can come out. It was tempting to leave them on!

This part took around 3 hours to print at a cost of £27, pretty cheap compared to the device it supports!


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