What to make: A helping hand - er.. Tentacle

July 02, 2015 Cris Rose

There's an amazing amount of devices in our lives right now, from phones to tablets and eBook readers. Unsurprisingly, there's just as many accessories for them, so finding something that stands out can be pretty tricky.

This tentacle stand stood out to us for a few reasons. Not only does it look excellent in Faberdashery's UV Active Aurora Pink, but it prints very nicely on FDM machines, with minimal support material. 

The design not only plays nicely with the surface of your desk, seeming to rise out from it, but it works visually, both with and without the device on it. 

Like most 3D printable designs, you can scale the piece up or down, to suit your choice of phone and case combo, but at normal size, this cost about £12.50 and would suit a 3.5" iPhone right up to the 6" iPhone 6 Plus quite nicely.

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