What to make: Google Glass Stand

July 09, 2015 Cris Rose

If there's one gadget out there with the fewest accessories, it's Google Glass. Not only has the original Explorer version ceased being sold, but at £1000 per headset, there aren't going to be that many out there at all.

What to make: A helping hand - er.. Tentacle

July 02, 2015 Cris Rose

There's an amazing amount of devices in our lives right now, from phones to tablets and eBook readers. Unsurprisingly, there's just as many accessories for them, so finding something that stands out can be pretty tricky.

What to make: A Colourful Raspberry Pi

June 25, 2015 Cris Rose


One of the most common uses for  3D printing and Laser Cutting within the Maker community, are custom electronics cases. There are a lot of platforms you can use for your project; one of the best known and most flexible, is the Raspberry Pi.